LASIK surgery in Mount Arlington

LASIK Surgery in Mount Arlington

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LASIK consultations in Mount Arlington

Visit the offices of Barbara Ann Dillon, OD PA for the best LASIK surgery in Mount Arlington. LASIK consultations are done at our offices along with other vision services, making us a one stop shop for all your eye needs. Besides offering valuable savings on brand name frames, we have the latest lenses and eye care accessories.

LASIK surgery in Mount Arlington permanently reshapes the cornea, and is performed using just simple eye drops that are anesthetics. The entire process can be done in just one visit. Most patients can go back to their normal activities by the following day. There is no pain or long, drawn out healing process. Because LASIK gives the cornea better focusing power, most people who have the surgery done do not need glasses or contact lenses after they have the surgery, or need a very light prescription afterwards.

We strive to remain on top of the vision field by always using latest practices and technology. Besides your LASIK surgery in Mount Arlington we also provide same day service on lenses and an on-site lab with the latest technology. We accept major credit cards, check and most insurance plans for payment and can help answer questions. Simply call one of our staff members today to learn more about this exciting new procedure that can help you see better today and every day. LASIK is a simple procedure that thousands of patients have found great success with across the U.S.

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